How to Rewrite Your Life Movie Script


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23/07/21, 02:30 pm (America/Los_Angeles)

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Woman Happy and Free

Do you want more out of life?

Do you want more self-confidence and a success identity?

Are you ready to drop the baggage of the past so that you can move to your best self?

Do you want to drop that critical self and truly empower yourself?

Are you ready to unleash your full potential?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this webinar is for you!

Dr. Lori Shemek, author of How to Fight FATflammation! and Bob Choat, host of The School of Transformation Podcast, will help you in this webinar move forward to a better you.

Stories are a big part of our life. They can move us to take action or hold us back. They are the emotional and visual representation of how we see life. They are governed by our beliefs.

Think about this, our history is built upon stories. Each country has its own unique story. Each family does and so do you. Your memories are simply the stories you tell yourself. They may be empowering or disempowering stories. Stories are the scripts that govern your life.

This webinar will teach how to take back control by showing you how you can change your story and create a new and empowering script.

Join Lori and Bob on a journey that will help you become the best version of you. And this high valued webinar is FREE!

How to Rewrite Your Life Movie Script

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